Putting In The New Plumbing

Now that the original plumbing has been relocated it is time to put in the new plumbing. The mechanical room is directly above the bathroom. In the mechanical room there is a on demand water heater and a water distribution manifold. Every water line will make a direct run back to this manifold.

The next thing I installed was the washer services box. I used a rubber coupling on the top as it would only be passing air.

In the floor of the mechanical room I have made a basin with a drain in case there are any water leaks they will be captured. This required me putting a trap in the floor of the mechanical room which is the ceiling of the bathroom.

For the double sink vanity this would require 2 drains and 4 water supply lines, 2 hot & 2 cold. The washer would require 2 water lines and a drain. And of course the shower would require 2 water lines plus the lines from the shower control to the shower heads. The toilet would just require a clod water line.

The shower was a little more complicated. First on the stud wall I needed to mount the shower control. It MUST be recessed so that it is at the edge of the finished wall. The finished wall is the ½” wallboard, the thickness of the thin set for the tile and the thickness of the tile.

The shower head and the shower wand aren’t so critical as I can change the pipe length when I install them. On the right side of the shower wand I did install a backer board on the stud to provide a solid spot to mount the bar that the wand goes on.

Mike OQuin

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