Connecting Water And Electrical Fixtures

Now that the walls are all up and painted it is time to connect all the electrical and plumbing. For the washer there is a box in the wall that has the hot, cold and drain connections. These were all hooked up prior to installing the drywall as there would be no way to connect them now. All that was required was to install the trim ring.

For the toilet there is a water line coming out of the wall that is terminated in a plug I had installed when I tested the line. I cut the plug off and installed a ¼ turn valve on it for the toilet. Also behind the toilet is a outlet for the bidet. I wired a outlet to the wires hanging out of the box and installed a face plate.

Behind the vanity and on both sides of the vanity are outlets. I installed them and tested.

Also behind the vanity are water lines and drains. I left the straight drain pipe that comes out of the wall alone. I will cut it off and install the trap later when I install the vanity. For the water lines I did the same as the toilet , cutting off the test plug and installing a ¼ turn valve.

In the shower there was nothing to do. When I installed the water lines I had also installed the valve and plugs on the shower head connections. This allowed me to test the lines with the walls open checking for leaks. I will return to this when the shower is tiled.

The last thing is are the lights and vent fan. The vent fan is plugged into a outlet I had installed din the mechanical room. I wired the switch to power the outlet in the mechanical room

The overhead lights are also powered from one of the switches as are the vanity lights.

With all the work done on the walls and ceiling that I can do it is now time to turn to finishing the floor.

Mike OQuin

I'm a computer professional since 1971. Additionally I am an explorer both on the ocean and land. I enjoy both brewing and drinking beer.