Demolition Time

Now that we have a plan it is time to start demolition. First was removing the sink.

The sink will be relocated to the loft bathroom. For the time being it is stored in the garage.

After removing the sink it was time to tackle the jetted tub. We are not keeping this and already have someone that wants it.

It was easier the remove the tub before tackling the shower.

Under the tub I found 3 bags of cement to provide blocking for the tub. These went into the original septic tank when we filled it in. We had to fill in 4 septic tanks when we bought Raven’s Roost.

Next it is time to remove the shower. Our shower in the 5th wheel is actually larger and better than this one is. It will be replaced by a fully tiled shower. More on this later.

By removing the tub first this exposed the one of the walls of the shower. After removing the wall I was able to get the shower loose and remove it. The shower is going to the dump, I hate throwing things away, but during Covid-19 all the recycling places are closed and I have run out of places to store things.

The last thing to remove is the toilet. This is being reused so I removed it and stored it in the garage.

Now that the main fixtures are gone it is time to turn my attention to the walls.

All the wallboard is being removed. The insulation is all coming out and the ceilings are coming down. One of the biggest reasons is that during the long period that the house was vacant the field mice moved in. Their main nesting area was above the bathroom resulting in the insulation being filled with dead mice and their droppings.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic struck we were in the middle of cleaning this up. Our daily wear was a full body coverall, disposable, and a N100 respirator mask. We we had to go shopping and there were NO masks available anywhere we just wore our respirator to the stores. This felt just like another day at work.

After all the walls and ceiling were down and all the insulation was removed we bagged all the insulation and hauled everything to the dump to dispose of it.

Now it’s time to start to rebuild.

Mike OQuin

I'm a computer professional since 1971. Additionally I am an explorer both on the ocean and land. I enjoy both brewing and drinking beer.