Bathroom Electrical

I am somewhat constrained with what I can do for electrical as there are only 2 lines from the breaker box feeding the bathroom. One of the lines was the original bathroom breaker and the other was the breaker for the washer & drier. I am keeping this same arrangement except I am adding the lights and the vent fan to the washer & drier circuit. As the lights are LED and the fan is a low wattage device I am well under the breaker rating.

I am not putting in GFI outlets as all the circuits in the house are GFI from the breaker box. This seemed reasonable as the house is metal and the possibility of getting a live circuit and being well grounded seemed high.

There are 3 outlets for the vanity. One of the outlets is on the wall behind the vanity and there are outlets on either side of the vanity for personal use.

The washer & drier need 2 outlets and they are located behind them.

There is one outlet behind the toilet for the bidet.

There are 3 smart wall switches. One for the overhead lights, one for the lights over the vanity, and one for the exaust fan. All these switches can be turned on at the wall or by “Alexa”.

Mike OQuin

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