Installing the shower drain

Michael O'Quin
August 1, 2020

Well today I decided to get the shower drain ready to be installed. I wanted to do a dry fit so everything would be ready when I mixed up the next batch of thin set.

I got out my tools to chip away the cement. Upon the first strike a tarantula appeared out from under the overhang I was trying to remove. Not wanting to harm him I went and got a yogurt container that I was saving to put parts in and upon returning "herded" him into it. I took it outside where I released him into the wild.

I went back inside and got my phone before he could run off and took a picture for Lisa. A few minutes later I went to check on him and he was no where to be found. Time to get back to work.

I proceeded to chip away and any cement that was in the way of putting in the drain. You can see the finished hole above. I was very hesitant about putting my hand into the hole until it was all cleaned out and I was sure there wasn't a family there.

I then had the stressful task of cutting off the pipe I had installed fort the drain. I wanted to be absolutely certain that I wasn't cutting off too much as I really didn't want to have to jack hammer the floor again. The cuts were correct and I now have the drain dry fitted in the floor awaiting the time when I have a batch of thin set for seating it.

This is the final result.

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