Mike OQuin
February 13, 2020

We bought a house.

Well we decided to settle down. We have driven over 24 thousand miles touring the United States in the last two years. We have visited over 25 states, most west of the Mississippi, and have decided to settle down in New Mexico in the Silver City area.

From the first trip we made with our 5th wheel we have been visiting Silver City once or twice a year. To be more accurate as we traveled down Interstate 10 we usually stopped over in Deming New Mexico. Deming really has nothing to offer to us except for a winery To find out more about Deming read my post.

When we asked the people in Deming what do they do they said that they like to go to Silver City. They said that it has a active art community and some good restaurants. To find out more about Silver City read my post.

So now that we have decided on where to settle down we needed to find a house that we liked. On the way back from our last trip in 2019 we stayed at Rose Valley RV Ranch located in Silver City. We found a real estate agent, Cyril Nalty, and began looking at houses. When the week was up we had maybe found one house we sort of liked but it would need a lot of work. Little did we know that that house would have been easy compared to what we decided on. We were scheduled to head back to Tucson for Christmas and decided that we could go back to Silver City on a couple of weekends.

While in Tucson I found our house listed. It looked like just what we were looking for. It needed a little work but we can do that. It came with 20 acres which is way more land than we wanted. Cyril arranged for us to look at it along with some other houses.

Front of the house.
Front door and garage door.
View from the front of the house.
View from the back of the house.
Back of the house.
Side of the house.
Front windows.
Steel stairs going to the loft.
Bathroom tub.
Bathroom shower.
This is the upstairs loft.
View from the loft.
Stuff in the garage.
This is the hydronic heating system.
Pellet stove on wood?
This is a scary place.
There is also a well in the corner.
Front of the steel shed.
Front yard of the mobile home.
This is the back side of the mobile home.
They threw in this mobile home.
Most of this stuff was gone when we took over the property.
Some day this will be back to natural.
This is the wall next to the mobile home.
We have a 1968 Cadillac.
This is the area we call “The Dump”.
This is the other road to the house
This is the road to the house

History of the house is that the owner/builder had passed away in 2012 never finishing the house. It had sat empty, except for the little critters that moved in, for 8 years. I talked to the person that had cleaned up some of the house and he said he killed dozens on mice.

We decided that we could work with this and started the purchase.

The purchase was suppose to be completed January 22 so we relocated from Tucson to Silver City KOA on January 20th. 

Well the closing wasn’t going well. The inspection couldn’t get the water running and we still needed the sceptic tanks inspected. We knew that there was a sceptic tank at the house and the mobile home but we didn’t know that there was another tank at an old mobile home pad just down the hill from the house. Also at the house we found out that instead of sceptic tank there were two. 

The bad news. We have major sceptic problems and they will have to be dealt with. Read my post on this.

Well we finally closed on the house February 13th 2020. and it was time to get to work.

Mike OQuin

I'm a computer professional since 1971. Additionally I am an explorer both on the ocean and land. I enjoy both brewing and drinking beer.

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