Installing water lines.

Michael O'Quin
July 3, 2021

Now it was time to run the new PEX water lines. In the kitchen there was hot and cold water that had to run to the sink. The dishwasher needed hot water run to it. There is a cold water line to the refrigerator and another cold water line to the pot filler at the stove. Additionally the toilet in the bathroom would need it's water supply in the same wall.

The kitchen sink is staying in the same place so the drain will also be staying in the same place and I will have to run hot and cold water there.

The dishwasher drain goes to the sink but I would need to run a hot water line to the dishwasher.

Above the stove cooktop is a pot filler. It has to be positioned above the cooktop but below the microwave oven/vent that is mounted above the stove.

The water for the refrigerator needs to be positioned near the floor and behind the refrigerator.

On the other side of the wall in the bathroom is the toilet and it needs a cold water line run to it.

Everything makes a run back to the water manifold in the mechanical room.

With the water lines run now it is time to run the electrical.

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