Installing the propane

Michael O'Quin
July 3, 2021

The first thing that I reinstalled was the propane lines. As these are the hardest to install and it is easy to route the electrical and PEX around so they they get the first priority. 

We are moving the washer and drier into the bathroom. We picked an outside wall and next to the kitchen wall. The outside wall has sewer and it is close for the drier vent. The shared bathroom kitchen wall has the propane for the drier.

The stove is connected to the same line but needed be moved. Also the water heater in the mechanical room needed a propane line run to it.

I had removed all the propane lines back to the main feeder line that is ¾". From there I inserted a ¾" x ¾" x ½" tee with the ½" feeder line going to the drier in the bathroom. The ¾" line continued to where the stove is going and I inserted a ¾" x ½" x ½" tee with one of the ½" lines going to the stove and the other ½" line going to the water heater in the mechanical room. All the lines are now in the wall. I installed gas supply boxes in the wall for the stove and the drier. Each box has a gas shutoff valve in it. For the water heater I also put in a shutoff valve on the pipe and then put a coupler connecting the water heater.

After running the lines I pressure tested them for 24 hours and put leak detection fluid on every joint. When I was satisfied that the lines were without leaks it was time to move on to the water lines.

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