Our kitchen cabinets have arrived.

Michael O'Quin
June 30, 2021

In May 2020 I ordered the cabinets for the kitchen. The company I ordered the cabinets from, Barker Cabinets, stated clearly that the lead time was 9 to 12 weeks. As we were having the cabinets stained they say to add an additional 2 to 3 weeks. Shipping time would be another week. That meant that I should not expect the cabinets for 16 weeks so I planned to not see the cabinets until the first of September. Also we are in the middle of a pandemic and everything is being delayed.

To Barker Cabinets credit the cabinets arrived at the house 17 weeks later. The shipping actually took 2 weeks. Also unfortunately the shipping company lost one of the pallets. 

I have to say Barker Cabinets was great at correcting the problem. Unfortunately they didn't know what the pallet contained but using their detailed shipping documents I was able to sent them an accurate list of everything that was missing.

While I was waiting for the items that were lost to be replaced I started assembling the cabinets. 

Everything is labeled. All the wood for the cabinets have a label stuck on them with a unique number that identifies what cabinet they belong to and where it goes. The cabinet doors have a number engraved in them at the bottom inside of the door. The shelves have the number on the edge that is not exposed.

If you look at the label the "B2DSINK" tells me that it belongs to at Base 2 door SINK cabinet.

I won't say that there were no problems.

Some of the problems we had:

  • One pallet got lost in shipping.
  • We received one extra, large drawer front for a cabinet.
  • We were missing one door for the cabinet over the refrigerator.
  • The bi-fold doors were not properly prepared for the corner cabinet. There should have been another set of holes that are right on the edge of the wood for the hinge. 
  • They didn't ship enough assembly screws.

We also found later that the door for the trash cabinet was warped.

All of these problems were corrected with no excuses from Barker Cabinets.

I did fix one delamination problem on a drawer, as you can see below.

With the cabinets all built it was time to start rebuilding the kitchen.

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